Are your kids
ready for this
digital world?

Kids Got Web offers a safe online place for kids to learn about the web.

Kids Learn About Internet Safety While They Build Their Own Website

Our #1 Goal - Keeping Kids Safe Online

Internet Safety Tips Designed for Kids

Kids Got Web offers safety tips and information to Kids that is easy to understand

Website Builder

Kids learn how to add pages, colors, videos, format, images and more. Kids Got Web removes the noise of website building so they can focus on understanding the basics.

Step By Step Book and Online Videos

Kids Got Web step by step book is divided into levels. At each level, your child will learn a new tip on how to be safer online as the complete a new part of their website. The book is written with BIG fonts and plenty of pictures. Check out the Getting Started Video

Parent/Teacher Dashboard

Parents are able to login to their parent portal to view their child's progress, ask questions to our support staff and even build their own website right along with your child.

Why Kids Got Web?

Our #1 Goal - Keeping Kids Safe Online

Kids build as they learn. Kid have fun and learn an invaluable lesson about being safer online.

Self -Paced. Kids can learned independently or work with others.

Builds confideience. It's amazing to see kids excitement after they added their first picture to their website. Kids are able to identify an 'About' on a college website.

Inclusive. Kids Got Web was designed for EVERY kid. Over 9000 websites built by kids ranging in ages from 5-15

Websites built by kids ages 7-9

Kids Got Web
Kids Got Web

Step-By-Step Book Showing Kids How To Make A Website And Internet Safety Techniques


Sample Page

Sample Page


Kids Got Web Getting Started Video

Kids Got Safe Movement--Webinar: Social Media

Internet Safety For Kids Discussion at KPFA Radio Station

Kids Got Web - Level 3- Adding Slider Images

Kids Got Safe Movement-Internet Safety For Kids

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Internet Safety and Website Building at Home

  • Kids Got Web is an online self paced tool. Kids can work independently.
  • Kids have access to an online Step by Step book with updates.
  • Your child can build three(3) different websites or you can share with siblings and friends.
  • Parents are able to login to their parent portal to view their child's progress, and even build their own website right along with your child.

Only $12.99/mo. until canceled.

Bring Digital Literacy To Your Classroom or Pod!

  • Kids learn how to explore the web safely
  • Step by Step book
  • Teacher Portal to view student progress
  • Training and Support

Paperback Book

A great gift for any kid or youth in your life.

$24.99. No monthly fee. Keep the book forever and access to website building tool for two(2) months.

Upcoming Events

Internet Safety Workshops

Kids Got Safe Movement was designed for Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Concerned Community Members to come to together to discuss Internet Safety and Digital Literacy for Kids. How do we keep kids safe while online?

Next Meeting Nov 16, 2023 - Register
Click here to Bring an Internet Safety workshop to your School or Learning Pod Past Events Internet Safety For Kids Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Kids Got Web safe?

YES! Our KidsGotSafe tm app us allow to ensure your kid is safe and that everyone building a website is a kid. Kids must be safe. That is part of our mission. We are a Kid Tested, School Approved and Parent Amazed world.

How Long will my kids use Kids Got Web?

Kids on average spend from 3 months to 2 years on Kids Got Web platform. They typically spend approx 1 hour per week building their website.

What is the kid age range for using Kids Got Web tm?

Kids ranging in ages from 5 to 15 have built website usings Kids Got Web.

Will my kids become a web developer after using Kids Got Web?

They learn the basics of website building which could lead to other interest as they become familiar with the Internet using Kids Got Web.

My Kids has a Learning disability, can they use Kids Got Web?

Yes. Kids Got Web was designed with EVERY kid in mind. The process is simple and easy for most kids. Each kid is provided a book and Getting Started videos that will guide them step by step on how to build a website. We suggest that they are accompanied by an adult while using the tool depending on the their individual learning disability.



My third graders have been using KidsGotWeb for the past two years and they absolutely love it. The program takes them through every step to create a website from scratch. They learn how to actually make a site, not just move pieces around in a template. The excitement in the room is palpable when they are putting their ideas together o their own site. This year, I have a student who’s brother was in my class two years ago. His parents asked me if we would be using KidsGotWeb again because they were so impressed with it and with his enthusiasm for learning about technology, coding and expressing his ideas through his website.



As a small, independent charter school principal, having responsive people who can help solve problems is essential. Increasingly education involves teaching about and using technology. Ms. Ellis from LMBE Solutions has been an important partner in making sure my staff are able to use technology effectively in their teaching and my students learn about how to productively use technology to learn.

Head of School

Great Book!

My 8 year old son enjoyed working on his website because it allowed him to explore and display his interests in a new format. The tutorials were easy to follow and after a few tries, he was able to put together his website all on his own. We had a few challenges with the headers in some sections but overall, a fun experience for him.


No Strangers!

I had fun building my website. I also learned not to talk to strangers on chat windows in games.

Student- 9 years old

About Inventor - Key Ellis- Technologist, Teacher, Entrepreneur and Why she created Kids Got Web

Ms. Key started teaching kids about nine years ago. She says "teaching kids was the most rewarding thing I have ever done." While teaching Ms. Key learned that kids can participate in unsafe behavior while online. This inspired her to build the Kids Got Web tool. Kids Got Web teaches kids how to be safe online and build their own website. The tool is based on levels allowing students to move at their own pace. Each level contains internet safety techniques that can be used in their everyday lives. Kids Got Web provides kids a foundation to ensure kids are comfortable on the web. This is an invaluable life skill. Our focus is on all kids, not just the few who actually become coders. Ms. Key also wrote a step by step book that accompanies the tool. Ms. Key holds a BS in Business- Management Information Systems from San Jose State University and MBA from San Francisco State. She is a long time programmer who has built several products. She is a Berkeley native, currently owns and operates LMBe Solutions a web development company in the East bay. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking with friends and family.