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Are your kids ready for this digital world?
KidsGotWeb offers a safe online place for kids to learn about the web.

Welcome to KidsGotWeb

KidsGotWeb offers a complete set of self-paced easy to use and safe web tools. These tools along with a step by step book, guides kids through how to build a website. The book is divided into 10 levels. Kids will learn how to add pages, colors, videos, formatting techniques and to re-size images on their website. KidsGotWeb platform removes the noise of website building while kids learn. KidsGotWeb offers safety tips and information for students at each level. This allows them to learn a single topic about internet safety while having fun building their website.

Our #1 goal is Kid Safety.

Our KidsAreSafe tm app us allow to ensure your kid is safe and that everyone building a website is a kid. Those other online tools can't say that. Our tools are kid tested and safe. We also strive to educate kids about safety. This is only made possible from a community effort from us, the schools and parents. Together let's build a network of safety on the internet for kids.

Features View Kid Websites

Over 700 websites built by kids ranging in ages from 5-15

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KidsGotWeb is the safest and easiest website building tool for kids

Student can build multiple websites

Kids can build multiple websites. Once they complete their 1st website, kids are able to build other website that express other hobbies or interest. Maybe even one for mom or dad's new business idea.

Access to Website Learning Platform

Kids use our Website Learning Platform to build their website. KidsGotWeb removes the noise of website building so they can focus on understanding the basics. KidsGotWeb was designed for EVERY kid.

Access to Online Step By Step Book with updates

KidsGotWeb platform includes an online book that guides kids on how to build a website. The book is divided into 10 levels. The levels are meant to be taken in order. At the end of all the levels each kid will have a complete website.

Kid Safe Environment

We as a community must work to keep kids safe on the internet. Our environment is self contained. Each kid is able to move through the material without the need to work with others. If support is required, parents have access to the support portal to work with our knowledgeable staff. Although our support staff does not interact with the kids, they have all worked in a school environment and have the qualification to work with kids.

Parent Dashboard with online support

Parents are able to login and view their child website and ask question to our support staff.

2 GB of storage

Each kids has plenty of room to save everything they need for their website from text to images to links to videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is KidsGotWeb safe?

Our KidsAreSafe tm app us allow to ensure your kid is safe and that everyone building a website is a kid. Kids must be safe. That is part of our mission. We are a Kid Tested, School Approved and Parent Amazed world.

How Long will my kids use KidsGotWeb?

Kids on average spend from 3 months to 2 years on KidsGotWeb tm platform. They typically spend approx 1 hour per week building their website.

What is the kid age range for using KidsGotWeb tm?

Kids ranging in ages from 5 to 15 have built website usings KidsGotWeb. Although majority using KidsGotWeb tm range in ages 7-11.

Will my kids become a web developer after using KidsGotWeb?

No, but they will learn the basics of website building. KidsGotWeb is intended to introduce kids to the internet in a safe and controlled environment using a website that they build. While building their website they will become more familiar with how to navigate the internet safely. While creating their sites, they will began to recognize what they see on other websites.

My Kids has a Learning disability, can they use KidsGotWeb?

Yes. KidsGotWeb was designed with EVERY kid in mind. The process is simple and easy for most kids. Each kid is given a book that will guide them step by step on how to build a website. We suggest that they are accompanied by an adult while using the tool depending on the their individual learnig disability.

Is there a video version?

KidsGotWeb will produce a video version in the Fall of 2019.

Step-By-Step Book Showing Kids How To Make A Website


Sample Page

Sample Page

The Community

We must work together to keep our kids safe on the web.

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Schools and Youth Organizations

Help us teach the kids about how to being safe on the web.

Support A Kid or Classroom

We wish we could provide this tool to every kid for free. But that is not the reality to sustain such an infrastruture. Some parents cannot afford the low monthly cost. We ask that you join this community effort to give all kids basic web skills in a safe environment so that all KidsGotWeb.

For only $39 per month, you can empower a community one kid at a time. Your monthly fee can be applied to any of our school partners that you choose. This way you can see firsthand how your money is being used. Once you sign up, we will be contacting you soon after. At that time you can select a preferred school. You can cancel at any time.

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